7pm Thursday

A video-dating app for real people


The idea

Spontaneously rinning into your life partner at the office, or in school used to be 'how it is done,' but this style of old school romance is largely gone from our lives. Modern dating is largely game of swiping right in search of love. But this new way of searching for the only one brings a growing frustration when the real person turns out to be far from what another person imagines. How can you be sure that profile photo reflect the reality? Does the person you're chatting with even exist? That's why we created 7 pm Thursday – dating app based solely on video communication.


On Thursday the list of matches is revealed, and you can choose which person to call first. 


Coloured statuses indicate who is up to talk to you in a video call.  

The solution

7pm Thursday is a dating app based solely on video content. A typical profile contains an introductory video that other users can watch and like. Then, at 7 p.m. on Thursday, people can talk with each other during live video-call sessions. The best part is that the video format helps avoid the trap of dishonesty. A video profile reflects the person’s real gestures and emotions, you can hear their voice and see their smile. It lets you decide whether you like an actual person, not another potentially deceptive picture.


Every Thursday at 7 pm magic starts. During 3-hour-long live session you can make video calls to your matches


Thousands of live video sessions starting every Thursday at 7 pm are hosted by the app