Fantasy Football

If you are a football fan the Fantasy Football game will provide new motivation to engage with the game and make the football season much more enjoyable!


The idea

Fantasy football has long been a game that boasts millions of players. It’s a simple but infuriating game – pick 15 players and amass points for every goal, assist, clean sheet and more.

User sets their ideal lineup for the next match week. All points for the game week will be scored by the selected players. Compete with friends and other game players in the league where teams are ranked based on their total points in the game!


Select fantasy football squad


Buy and sell players in the transfer market

The solution

We created the mobile Fantasy Football game that allows users to select a football squad and compete against other players. Users can buy and sell players in the transfer market. A player’s price changes depending on their performance and how many users transfer this player in or out. If prices increase these players perform well and generate a lot of fantasy points.


Compete against other players
in the Fantasy League


A player’s price changes depending on
their results and popularity