Turn face photos into custom stickers with the help of artificial intelligence. Share them in any messenger you use.


The idea

The idea to build StickerBox came to us when we discovered that Slack which we use for daily communication allows to create custom emojis – a great way we to bring a bit of fun to a working routine. Our favourite activity become creating emojis out of our teammates’ photos. It was so entertaining that in less than no time we decided that if we enjoy it so much, other people might too!


Take a photo and let the app to automatically recognize the face


Choose a template from a variety of options to create a truly unique sticker!

The result

We built an app that is super simple and easy to use, just how we like. The app literally allows to create stickers in just one click. At the same we tackled several technical challenges along the road which are not seen on the surface. One of them was to recognise a face and hair in a photo, separate them from the rest of the body, and cut them out from the background for further use. To achieve that result we employed a self-learning neural network which did a great job to handle this task.


Saved sticker can be send to any messenger in just one click 


Share your unique stickers with friends and colleagues to express yourself